Standard Fake ( nude posing or sex) – consists either of removing the subject’s clothing pieces or putting the face on another similar body which is engaged in hardcore sex.
Aprox. 18-28$

Cum/Facial fake – adding cum onto the person’s face.

Breast/ass/dick enlargement.

Animated fake ( .gif ) –  face is swapped onto a compatible body, the subject can engage in hardcore sex and even blowjobs.

X-Ray – this technique reveals the person’s real nipples/pussy, it is tricky because the clothing needs to be sheer for best results, there should be no bra underneath and the clothes must not be with floral details or colorful.

Shemale ( trap) – transforming a girl into a transexual person, adding a penis or reversed.
Aprox 35$

Gay (nude posing or sex) – same as the first option but it involves men.
Aprox 40$

Cum Tribute ( video or photo) 
– masturbating and cumming over a picture of someone you want.

Bizzare ( scat-shit-poop, bestiality(horse/dog), amputee, incest/breeding with captions etc)

*Price is per subject in photo

Full payment will be done only after you have seen a partial preview/demo of your request ( this eliminates doubt concerning scams). The preview will be censored with bars, pixelation and watermarks. It will be done in such a way that you will be able to notice the photo has been nudified.

Payment can be done ANONYMOUSLY through Paypal but only if you upgrade to a business account, this way you’ll be able to change your name. (This is not necessary, a personal account type is fine)
Another anonymous method of payment is Bitcoin.
I recommend Transferwise. It has less fees than Paypal. Downside is you have to wait 1 day (processing) and it’s not anonymous.

Also even after you have payed the photos will be tweaked or fixed for free if  you spot something bad with the edit, the PSD files are kept for a few days letting them be reedited easily.

To further prove that this is legit, click this link( you can see that I have a good reputation here if you read the comments), here too you can order my service, the site has buyer protection but higher fees:
You might be asked for 1$ in advance before work gets started and before you are shown the preview, this applies only to some people (this is done in order to avoid false requests, please understand that many people don’t want to buy from the start, so I don’t want to waste my time)